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Special Exhibition (Coming Soon)

The Era of 1980's

Special Exhibition (Now Open)

No special echibition now


About Our Building: 


The front view of our museum (left) , The view from the front of our museum (right)

Our building is historical Japanese warehouse called "Kura" built in 1781. We restored the historical warehouse carefully and modified into the museum.

Permanent Exhibition (1F)

  1F:Permanent exhibition, The history of Japanese radio
    50 Radios, 2 Radio Phonographs, 2 Stereo Sets, 15 TV Sets, 20 Home Appliances, (Average)

    Permanent Exhibition: (from left) Radios from 1925 to 1948, Radios from 1950s to 1970s, TV Sets

Special Exhibition Room (2F)

  We hold the special exhibiton at regular intervals on the 2nd floor.





  Cyuo 2-4-9, Matsumoto-city, Nagano-pref, 390-0811, JAPAN
0263-36-2515 (Opening hour only)

  Alongside the Yohashira Shrine, on the side of Metoba-gawa river


(Large map is here)

Access to Visit:
 10 minutes from JR Matsumoto Station by walking
 Bus root No.210 departure at Matsumoto station to the bus stop "Kura no machi Nakamachi"
 By car: 20 minutes from Matsumoto IC of Nagano highway
 No parking lot (pay parking available near by the museum)

Opening Hours / Opening Hours :
  Daily 13:00 - 17:00 (Last entry: 16:45)

Closing Day / Closing Day:
  On Monday every week (Tuesday at next national holiday )
  New Year's Holiday ( From December 29 to January 3)

Admission (Include special exhibition)
  JPY 500 adults, JPY 200 students: under 15 (free to under 12's)
  JPY 200 handicapped adult persons, free to handicapped students: under 15's



Other Facilities

Following facilities are not opened.

 ・Yokohama office: Yokohama, Kanagawa-pref.

 ・Warehouse : Azumino-city, Nagano Pref.

 ・Private Exhibition hall in annex : Higasi Chikuma-gun, Nagano Pref.



 Tube Radios : 1,500
 Transistor Radios : 700 (include radio-cassete recorder)
 Radio phonographs : 100 ( include stereo sets and other audio equipments)
 TV Recievers : 60
 Speakers etc. : 100 (include other acccesories for radio)
 Telephone sets : 60
 Home Appliances : 80
 Gramophone : 15
 Parts and Books



 Antique Wireless Club (AWC)
  Japan Industrial Archaeology Society (JIAS)
  Japanese Society for the History of Science and Technology
 Technical Meeting on "History of Electrical Engineering", IEEJ



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