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"Real" Japan Radio Museum Opened at Matsumoto-city, Nagano, JAPAN
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In Japan, Radio broadcasting started from 1925. It's only 5 years after from world's first radio broadcasting in U.S.A.
We think that the 20 years from 1935 until 1955 is golden era of Japanese radio. This is main era of our museum.
The intention of this site is to introduce the history of Japanese radios for 30 years from the beginning of broadcasting through the Collection of our Museum.

Message from director

On May 3rd, 2012, our “real” museum was opened at Matsumoto-city, Nagano, Japan. Our building is historical Japanese warehouse called “kura” built in 1781. We display 50 radios, 40 documents, 15 TV sets, and some radio -phonographs. We selected these exhibits from our large collection to express the history of Japanese radio.


| Radio Museum (Room1: Pre 1945) | Radio Museum (Room2: Post WWII) | Radio Phonogragh & Audio Division |

Note: URL of Radio Phonogtaph & Audio Division is changed. (11/02/2015)


21/08/2011 We awarded first prize of category No.25-B and the contest award at The Old Equipment Contest of The 2011AWA World Convention. Report is here.


(05/03/2018) We upload Elman Kokumin-gata type No.2A(No.11151) on "Kokumin-gata" Radio Approved by NHK 
(27/02/2018) We upload Sharp model 5R-14 & Aria model DS-51on Radio Sets Passed Examination by The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications    


(01/01/2014) We upload Sister Model S-360 (No.11105) on Radio Sets Approved by The Broadcasting Corporation of Japan
(10/01/2013) We upload Nanaola Model NH-5068 on Radio Sets Passed Examination by The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

English translation started (20/05/2008)

Japanese terms or company names that is untranslatable are shown in spelled in Italics.
When not mentioned specially, all prices are original wholesale price.

Radio Museum

    Room 1: The History of Radio and Broadcasting (-1945)

1920-28 Dawn of Japanese Radio - Crystal to Tube-

|Crystal Receiver and Battery Operated Tube radio

|*Power Supply for Early Radio -Battery and charger-

1928-34 Popularizasion of Electric Radio

|*Early AC Sets (1927-30)

  Console Radios (1927-42)

|*Tokyo Central Broadcasting Station's winning sets by the contest

|*Cathedral Tombstone and Midget Radio (1931-36)

|Radio Sets Approved by The Broadcasting Corporation of Japan (1934-43)

The Biginning of Portable Radio (1925-45)

"Kokubou-Jyusinki" (1933-38)
-Battery Operated Receiver for Emergency-

1935-45 Japanese Radio during WW II

|Age of "Nami-Yon" and "San-Pen" (1937-39)
Japanese 4 tubes or 3 tubes TRF low end radio

"Seinen-dan" Radio : Radio sets for Adult Education (1937-38)
Early Community Recieving Facilities (1935-37)

Deutshe Volks Empfanger (1933-45)

|"Station-model Sets" : Standarized Set by The Broadcasting Corporation of Japan (1938-45)

"Kokusaku-gata" Radio : Simplified Set at War Time (1939-43)

|*"Kikaku-1gou" Radio : Standard Radio at War Time (1941-47)

Japanese All wave Receiver at Pre War (1935-45) 

|Low Cost Receivers at War Time (1938-45)

|*Middle Class Receivers at War Time (1938-45)

|Hi-end Receivers at War Time (1937-45)

Wired Broadcasting System (1940-45)

The Planning of "Kokumingata"Radio (1940-42)

   Battery Operated Radio for Emergency Use (1941-45)

Radio at End of the War (1945.8.15)


Various Theme of Radios (-1945)

|Radio Communication System Used by Richard Sorge Group (1933-41)

Broadcasting & Radio outside area of Japan mainland (1926-45)

Radio in Manchoukuo

Radio in Occupied Area of North and Central China


 Data Files (-1945)

The Official Price of Radio (1940)

The Official Price of Radio (1943)

The Official Price of Radio (1944)

The List of Brand (pre WW II)


   Room 2: The History of Radio and Broadcasting (Post War)

1946-48 After the War : Reconstruction of Radio Industory

|*TRF Receivers from 1946 to 1948

|*Super Heterodyne Receivers from 1946 to 1948

|"Kokumin-gata" Radio Approved by NHK  (1946-48)

|Radio Sets Passed Examination by The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (1948-49)

Home Brew Sets by Radio Amature (1946-55)

The Dawn of Japanese Portable Radio (1940-49)

1949-50 The End of Occupation

Modified Radios -Old TRF/regenerative sets converted into Super Heterodyne- (1949-55)

|*The Eve of Opening of Private Broadcasting (1949-50)

|Prevailing of Radio kit (1948-55)

1951-55 Start of Commercial Broadcasting: The Golden Era of Radio

The Opening of Private Broadcasting (1950-51) 

|The Golden Era of Japanese Radio (1951-55)
-Prevailing of Super Heterodyne-

The Growth of Japanese Portable Radio (1950-58)

|*The biginning of Stereo Broadcasting (1954-63)

Early Hi-Fi Tuner (AM)  (1954-1993) (Link to Radio-phonograph Division)

The Beginning of Comercial Short Wave Broadcasting (1954-73)

1955-59 The Era of the Small Plastic Radio and the Hi-Fi Radio

|Prevaiing of Super Heterodyne Receiver 
-From ST tube to Miniature Tube- (1955-59)

| Beginning and Prevailing of the Transistor Radio (1955-69)

Transistorzed Table-top Radio (1955-69)

|"Hi-Fi"Radio : Radio as Audio Equipment (1953-64)

Early FM Radio Sets (1957-63)

1960-67 From Tube to Transister : End of Tube Radio
|Popular Radio Sets with Plastic Cabinet in 1960's (1960-65)

The End of Tube Radio (1960-67)


Various Theme of Radios (Post War)

Radios as Teaching Material (1948-)

The History of Smalll Radio Made by Matsushita Electric Ind. (1948-60)

From Community Recieving to Wire Broadcast Telephone Exchange (1951-73)


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