About Terms and Discriptions on This Site

The Name of Broadcasting Station

Until 1951, Only one broadcast corporation existed in Japan.
This is "Nippon Housou Kyoukai (The Broadcasting Corporation of Japan)".
Now It was called "NHK". This abbreviation "NHK" was used from 1946.
Until 1945, It was called "Housou Kyoukai".
We will use the abbreviation "NHK" without notice for the article about after WW II.

Unit and name of Radio Wave

Both unit of frequency "kc, Mc" and "kHz, MHz" used according to the era of discription.

The unit of decibells always use "dB"

The abbreviation of wave bands discrived as LW, MW, SW, VHF, UHF.

The abbreviation of wave types discrived as AM, FM, CW..

Proper Noum

The inscriptions made by Japanese companies are often unknown.
Besides, Japanese terms or company names that is untranslatable are shown in Italics.

Date and Country

When not mentioned specially, radio sets and parts are made in Japan.
Date of production are based on reliable materials. Question marks are given to indefinite dates. (ex: 1936?)

Terms for broadcasting

The name of broadcasting stations or other terms for radio based on the book "Broadcasting in Japan"(1939, Nippon Hoso Kyokai")